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Ever since I was wee, I’ve been infatuated with the UK. I used to “joke” that I was born in the wrong hemisphere. I’ll never know for sure if I would be the same way if it wasn’t for my British heritage, but I suspect not. From enjoying tea and biscuits with my Grandmother to plastering my bedroom walls with Spice Girls posters, from drawing castles to daydreaming of cobblestone streets, from reading British literature to studying royal history, from buying anything with a Union Jack on it to watching anything on the BBC, I have made sure to fill my life with as much of England as I could.

Almost a year ago now my Mum asked me if I would consider going on a trip with her to England and I’ve been saving up ever since. Well, several spreadsheets, hours of googling, and a couple travel agent visits later… we came up with a list of the places we wanted to see during our month in the UK. (You can see our travel itinerary here).

FINALLY over 30 years later, I will be crossing the pond and traveling around the UK for a month this summer – today it’s officially official, our trip to the UK is BOOKED!


I hope to brush up on my photography skills before leaving but I’ll also be posting to Instagram using the #breezyspiceinuk hashtag while sneaking in some time to update my travel blog.

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