Lands End, Cornwall, England

Cornwall, England

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Cornwall is a magical place, it feels like home – exactly how I thought it would. Sure, I’m a city-girl mostly. (You kind of have to be when you don’t drive and need to be close to everything.) But there is something about the country, the ocean air, the moors, tight “streets” lined in hedges taller than your vehicle, and the friendliness of the locals.

Mum and I left Belfast bright and early a few days ago, taking a flight with a stopover in Manchester before landing in Newquay. We were picked up by my Mum’s cousin and her husband and proceeded to get a tour of the area, avoiding the surfers and tourists set for St. Ives but hitting all these amazing spots that really only locals would know about.

You’re never far from the coast here and where our cousins live couldn’t really be any better situated – it doesn’t take long to get anywhere. So, we visited multiple coves, beaches, cliff sides, and villages – stopping for photo-ops along the way.

I had my very first Cornish pasty, I tried clotted cream, I went to a proper pub (the kind where the local villagers meet up and everyone knows everyone) and talked to a dairy farmer whose entire life is his farm. We went to an old church to see a brass band and a gentlemen’s choir perform, in fact, our cousin-in-law is a member of the choir which has been together for over 70 years and tours the world. The band was celebrating their 125 year anniversary. It was a really inspiring experience and while I still haven’t been in a church for a service, I can now say I’ve been in one for more than a graduation, wedding, or funeral! There is a television show called Poldark that is filmed in and around the areas we were driving, so we saw lots of filming locations too!

On one of our drives we passed by a stone circle, the first I’ve ever seen in real life, called The Merry Maidens. It’s funny that the things I’ve been intrigued by for my whole life; castles, stone circles, tombs, and ruins are simply on the side of the roads here, all nonchalant and unassuming.

We had a very British encounter at 1am after leaving the pub, on the way down one of their tiny twisty-turny streets,  we met up with a couple cows who found their way out of their farm and were going on a jaunt. For a while we drove behind them pushing them forward before a car came in from the opposite direction and we were all at a standstill as the cows stopped in their tracks. Both vehicles turned off their headlights and eventually the cows turned around, walked passed us and moo’d goodbye.

We visited Land’s End, something that has been on my bucket list for a long while. It was raining so I couldn’t sit and stare out at the ocean for hours but it still took my breath away.

We did find the perfect spot for sitting and just being, it almost felt tropical.. One of my favorite finds.

For my birthday, which is TODAY! (Happy birthday to me!!) We are set to visit St. Michael’s Mount which was at the top of my list of things to see before we came on this trip!

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