Royals, and Parliament, and Rembrandt, Oh My!

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We went back to Westminster to take in the sights we missed while Formula 1 was happening and happened upon something pretty special. After hopping off the bus in Parliament Square, we thought that maybe we’d check out the inside of Westminster Abbey. As we turned the corner we noticed the Abbey was surrounded by police and across the street …

London, England

A Transit Connoisseur on the first day in London

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The first part of our trip is a week’s worth of free time in and around London, England, with London Passes and Oyster Cards in our hands, we’ll have free entry to 70 attractions, tours, museums, etc with priority access! The catch is that we had to make our way to the depot to pick up said passes. We ventured …

Arriving in London, England

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We landed at Gatwick Airport around 4am our time and 11am in London. (As I write this its now after 11pm here in London but I’ve already had a nap… So this is going to take a couple days to get used to). Once we picked up our baggage we made our away to a train shuttle to take us …

Airplane Flight

Today is the day: Leaving for the UK!

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Our flight is tonight… DUN DUN DUN! When we land, it will be the FUTURE and I’ll probably be very tired, or everyone else on our flight will be tired because I kept them up with my incessant snoring. We land at Gatwick Airport and our Hotel is in Pimlico, a small area within central London in the City of …

Lands End Cornwall

A Birthday Wish Come True

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Today has been a day, ripe with bad news and a disheartened and mourning globe, so getting close to the end of the day I knew I needed a pick-me-up. Our trip this summer includes being in England for my birthday and lands us in the area that my ancestors hail from: Cornwall. I always remembered growing up that my …

Great British Castles

One Word: Castles

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When my Mum asked me what I wanted to do and see during our trip to the UK, I simply said – everything! I’ve wanted to visit England specifically, since I was a little girl. It didn’t matter if it was cobblestone streets, sheep in a pasture, cliffs at the ocean, and all the sights LondonTown had to offer. I …