A View to to a Kill, in London

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A couple of days ago we bought advanced tickets to gain access into the London Eye and of course today was the first day we experiences rain in London. The rain actually wasn’t that bad at all, itself was refreshing and light, but the clouds and the condensation on the windows of the pod itself made it difficult to get good photos.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris Wheel on the south bank of the River Thames that has 32 pods to denote the 32 boroughs of London and is nearly 450 feet tall. It takes approx. 30 minutes to do a full cycle around the wheel.

A Saturday in London proved far different than a weekday in London. It’s been busy every day we’ve been here but it was different today. Or, maybe we reached our limit. THOUSANDS of people are out and about and it isn’t all bad save the groups who insist on walking in a parallel line blocking an entire sidewalk or those who suddenly stop in their steps causing you to stop abruptly. Let’s just say, I was ready to fight people today. A couple girls budged in front of us in line for the London Eye and one looked back with a sweet smile saying “sorry!” And I had a full monologue ready to exude explaining how she wasn’t sorry at all because that would mean she cared but she didn’t care because she budge in the first place. I didn’t say anything but hoped that the dirty look I portrayed said it all. Whatever. It’s been less than a week in one of the busiest cities in the world and I’m used to spending 90% of every day alone at home with my dog. Shout out to Shastaface. I miss you, dog.

Needless to say,  we needed food. We ended up walking back into Trafalgar’s Square after passing a dozen packed pubs before finding a restaurant that had a free table. Mum enjoyed her first Cottage Pie while I had my first order of Fish & Chips. After that we caught the wrong Tube line, rode it out, before riding it back to get where we wanted to go – Kensington.

We walked through Kensington Gardens, viewed the Palace, and walked around the perimeter to see Royal Albert Hall. This was a thing for me because it’s one of the prominent filming locations for the Spice World movie. Yeah, I went there. 

On our way home we took a bus that sent us through a posh part of town, passing by Hyde Park, Harrod’s, and the tunnel I recognized that cars race down in the movies. Fini!

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  1. Hi guys. Are you sure you’re there I haven’t seen even a hint of either of you in the pics. Hope you’re having a blast. Donna

    1. Post

      Yep, I’m sure we’re here since I’m taking the photos 🙂 I don’t need to be in them for me to enjoy!

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