A Posh Spice Day in London

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Today was another day that we made a dream come true, but let’s start at the beginning.

I made Mum and I breakfast in our hotel, which proved some difficulty because we had no spatulas and no seasonings. We had eggs, bacon, and potatoes through improvisation and other than nothing being the same temperature by the time we ate it, it was decent and provided MUCH more energy to take on the Sunday crowds than a bowl of cereal.

We made our way to Piccadilly and Oxford where all the top shops are. We weren’t intending on actually shopping but it is a part of London we hadn’t seen yet so – bring it on?

Actually, I did NEED to see one shop, a little nook on Dover Street by the name of Victoria Beckham. The security guard who stood at the door was delightful. He saw me trying to square out a photograph from the other side of the street before we went in and yelled over that he’d duck aside so as not to ruin it. It was no surprise to me that Victoria’s store screams minimalism (because the clothes and accessories speak for themselves). When we first walked in a small selection of her new line of handbags lined the wall and I said to Mum, “I wish I was here last season when Victoria went through an obsession with orange.” Lucky for me, my favorite Spice Girl ALSO shares a love for orange because as we turned the corner and saw the first selection of clothes, we were greeted by multiple items of the orange persuasion. What I was there for was the pillar of eyewear, of which I had some bookmarked after shopping on the website for the last year. I tried on a dozen pairs before deciding on one (which is now referred to as my baby). I’m not going to lie, I thoroughly enjoyed walking down the street carrying a bag with Victoria Beckham’s name on it. My 12 year old self who first saw an image of Posh Spice on the insert of the first Spice album internally high-fived my nearly 33 year old self for completing a life achievement.

With my inner Posh Spice being fulfilled we moved on to walk down Piccadilly, Carnaby, Regant and Oxford Street markets. We stopped at a small charcuterie restaurant in Carnaby to grab some eats and drinks although I opted for something else because an allergy notice made me wary of grabbing meats and cheeses, (cue tears).

We stopped to visit Selfridges too, I wanted to see it after watching the show on Netflix. The outside of it was still pretty remarkable but we didn’t venture too far inside – it was modernized and just didn’t feel the feel that the original gave but still, really neat to see in person.

It didn’t seem like we did a lot today, even though my wallet said we did. We walked A LOT so if I was one of those people who owned a FitBit, I could likely tell you all about it in that regard. When we got closer to our hotel we stopped for dinner at a local pub called The Warwick. It was here that we found out that the news broke on the announcement of the 13th Doctor in Dr. Who, which was really fun. I overheard multiple tables talking about it, specifically the fact that the first female doctor would be joining us and everyone was ecstatic about it. It was lovely to experience!

The specials on Sunday nights are roast dinners so I signed myself up for my dream dinner: roast beef, potatoes, veg, and Yorkshire pudding… And it WAS SO GOOD! Paired with some wine, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

A perfect way to end my very posh day.

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