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A Birthday Wish Come True

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Today has been a day, ripe with bad news and a disheartened and mourning globe, so getting close to the end of the day I knew I needed a pick-me-up. Our trip this summer includes being in England for my birthday and lands us in the area that my ancestors hail from: Cornwall.

I always remembered growing up that my Grandpa’s family was from Liverpool and that my Grandma’s family was from Cornwall. While we’re not making it to Liverpool this time around, we are spending a week in and around Cornwall – including my birthday!

Watching videos like these makes my heart happy because they incorporate all of the things that make me so interested, excited and emotional about this trip. An anticipation that’s been building from as early as I can remember.

While I suspect that this part of the trip will be the low-key, recuperation needed after a week in London and trips through Scotland and Northern Ireland BEFORE going back to London and doing several day trip excursions, one of the things that would likely be brilliant to experience is the heritage walking tour through Land’s End. Something I’ve always dreamed of doing was (safely) finding an english cliff overlooking the ocean for me to perch myself, just me, breathing the air and being one with the land that I’ve always dreamed of standing on. This year, that might just be my birthday.

And what a way to celebrate!

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